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Sylvia "Carmen" Torres
Social Work Professional, Advocate, Consultant & Mentor
Business Location: Haverhill, Massachusetts

Background Information

Life-long resident of Massachusetts and attended Haverhill High School (business curriculum). Twenty years experience in office management responsible for a wide variety of office administration duties including customer service, management reports, purchasing, data entry, inventory management, payroll, receivables & payables, order entry, and other office management responsibilities; including seven years as Office Manager with Health & Education Services, Inc., and six years with VINFEN as an Administrative Assistant and Case Facilitator providing intervention and residential support services (recovery, supported living, habilitation, education, employment, clinical, and peer support) for individuals with psychiatric conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and behavioral health challenges.

Business Description

Carmen is a private consultant to individuals, and their families, that are faced with the need to obtain residential-living support services and resources. Typically, the services she provides for her clients include:
  1. appropriate research and identification of available resources for her clients;

  2. assistance with applications and other written documentation needs; and

  3. personal referrals to qualified professionals and facilities for specialized help.

Information for Prospective Clients

Services are provided to individual clients (and the families of clients) that prefer a more personalized, private, and independent approach to the resolution of pressing needs. In a vast majority of cases, needs are related to "due process issues and rights" (i.e. situations where available resources, help, and strategies are available; but aren't known or haven't been pursued by a given client). There is no charge for an initial, introductory consultation (usually over the phone) to address mutual concerns and explore the possibility and likelihood of a good working relationship; whether the objective is to fulfill a temporary need or other longer-term need. Services are client-paid when completed as agreed upon in advance. Clients are located, in most cases, in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts.

For security purposes, initial contact should be by email first. All inquiries are held in strict confidence and immediately addressed.

Useful Reference Materials

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Massachusetts Office on Disability



Know Your Rights: Disabilities Rights Center
(informational brochures)
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Disability Rights Center - NH



Americans with Disabilities Act
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